Dependable Refrigerant Storage & Recycling When Systems Go Down

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A fast-working Refrigerant Storage and Recovery (RSR) system is imperative when your chiller or cooling system is down for service. But, fast working isn’t all you need. Your storage and recovery system needs to be dependable, every time!

YORK® Refrigerant Storage/Recycling (RSR) systems offer all the features a field service technician needs. These compact, portable, self-contained units are easy to operate for fast chiller evacuation. Capacities are AHRI certified to assure performance as specified. These units are self-contained packages specifically engineered to provide refrigerant recovery capabilities for commercial and industrial applications requiring serviceability. It consists of a refrigerant compressor, oil separator, storage receiver, heater, water-cooled condenser, filter drier and necessary valves and hoses to remove, replace and distill CFC and HCFC refrigerants. All necessary controls and safety devices are permanently mounted. The RSR package is permanently mounted or made portable (via swivel casters with lock brakes).

Businesses can’t afford unnecessary downtime. Fortunately, Chicago Compressors & Specialty Products stands ready-to-ship units on most of our standard options. Special options include tank sizing to meet your needs, vertical tanks, external liquid level gauges, customer specified connection sizes, rupture disks, and Canadian Registration Numbers. With up to 4,000 pound storage tanks available for your immediate needs, all of our RSR units are precision-built. Each product undergoes thorough testing before shipping. That’s why companies across the nation rely on us to provide the right solution. Contact us for more information on refrigerant storage and recycling.