What is A Semi-Hermetic Compressor and How It Works

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Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products here in Wheeling is your go to for remanufactured semi-hermetic compressor service. Let’s take a moment to discuss our gas compressor While these compressors only pump “gas” they are specific to the HVAC business. Using the words like “gas compressor” can be mis-leading to the oil and gas industry who also use another version of compressors to move and transfer “gas” which is a completely different type of compressor. service offering and why Wheeling has trusted us for years now.

A gas compressor is a mechanical machine that raises the gas pressure by lowering gas volume. They come in 3 types — open, hermetic, and semi-hermetic. The designs are in accordance with the position of the motor drive and compressor with respect to the compressed gas or vapor. Hermetic compressors are sealed, thus, you can’t access its internal parts. Semi-hermetic compressors, on the other hand, make use of a large cast metal shell designed with gasketed covers with screws that allows the user to open and replace any faulty motor or damaged components.

For almost 40 years, Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products has been providing standard-setting remanufactured York compressors, refrigerant storage & recovery systems, and a host of other specialty products and services.

The remanufacturing shop was born from the York Regional Parts Center in Wheeling, Illinois. From there it grew for 22 years, until the shop was acquired by Johnson Controls in 2004. This arrangement lasted just over a decade, until Resolute Industrial took ownership of the business as part of a major acquisition in 2015. Now under Resolute’s wing, our business has taken on the name of Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products. But while our name and ownership has changed over the years, the quality services and products we provide are just as excellent as they were in 1982.

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