Things to Consider When Selecting A Refrigerant Storage and Recovery Units

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Refrigerant Storage and Recovery Units are utilized to vacate refrigerants from a cooling system. They are used when repairing refrigeration units of all kinds to include chillers, AC units, freezers, or refrigerators. The refrigerant is collected into a tank for later use. Refrigerants are both expensive and highly regulated from the environmental standpoint. Our refrigerant storage and recovery services protect you on both fronts at a most economical cost.

It is crucial to use the right refrigerant recovery machine size for your application. The correct size will help reduce refrigerant leakages into the atmosphere and will ensure the most rapid recovery process.

Commercial-size refrigerant recovery machines are appropriate for large systems. For instance, large HVAC systems that are used in cooling retail shops or stores to central air conditioning system cooling high-rise buildings or large condo units. When selecting a refrigerant storage unit, be careful to select a company equipped with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant machinery. Of course, 100% of Chicago Compressor & Specialty Product’s equipment is EPA compliant.

We pride ourselves in being your full partner and consultant for all things related to refrigerant recovery & storage. We’ll define and educate you on the types of refrigerants employed within your operation and the specific types of equipment needed to address them. For instance, you likely don’t know whether you have high, medium, or low-pressure refrigerants. We stock and are ready to immediately deploy twelve different refrigerant recovery units here in Wheeling. It’s our job to match and deploy the exact right one to your need. We are proud to be the sole provider of YORK® brand RSR’s and continue to manufacture these products to the same standards customers have come to trust.

Contact Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products and it will be our pleasure to consult and deliver for you in every way possible.