Important Safety Guidelines When Handling Water-Cooled Recovery and Recycling Units

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Business owners across the country and across the world require the refrigerants within their systems to be stored while routine maintenance and emergency repairs are conducted. We’re here today to remind returning and prospective customers that for years now, Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products has provided Water-Cooled Refrigerant Recovery units to business owners to empower them to capture and reuse their expensive refrigerant assets.

Refrigerant storage and recovery is a complex process that involves complex machinery. We provide the specialized equipment that is required to safely conduct the refrigerant storage and recovery process.

Here at Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products, our team is composed of trained technicians who specialize in the wide variety of different types of compressors and refrigerant storage units. We can help you find the right compressor for your application. Contact Chicago Compressor and Specialty Products to learn more about safely storing and recovering your refrigerant supply.