Why Should Industrial Refrigerants Be Recycled?

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This blog post is to introduce our refrigerant storage and recovery services. When your chiller or cooling system is down for service, either scheduled or emergency, you need a fast-working Refrigerant Storage & Recovery (RSR) system you can depend on every time. Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products is Wheeling’s renowned provider of new and remanufactured compressors and RSR units.

As business owners, we are all sensitive to the environmental impact of our operations on the environment. Of course, we are all governed by the “Clean Air Act” and our products and services are designed not only to recapture your valuable and reusable resources, but to ensure that you do not run afoul of the Clean Air Act. Why is recapturing refrigerants particularly important?

Synthetic refrigerants can have a damaging, irreversible impact on the ozone layer when discharged into the atmosphere. Moreover, when refrigerants in liquid form are discarded at a disposal site, it can alter the soil composition permanently. For this reason, the government has mandated the proper recovery, recycling, and reclaim of refrigerants to prevent leakages as a measure to protect the environment and keep the community safe.

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