High-Quality Remanufactured Compressors Offer Superb Value

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Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products offers truly remarkable value on remanufactured air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. Our products are guaranteed high-quality and come with certified warranty.

Let’s discuss the difference between what other provide, rebuilt (or reconditioned) compressors vs our remanufactured products. Rebuilt compressors consist of using components from other similar compressors which often result in uneven wear and premature failure. Our remanufacturing process involves a complete teardown of every returned compressor.

Remanufactured compressors offer a significant upfront cost savings as compared to OEM replacement. We welcome to speak to you personally about remanufactured HVAC compressors and the totality of their advantages of OEM replacement. Contact Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products.