COMPRESSORS: Gives The High-Powered Flexibility For Efficient Application

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Remanufactured semi-hermetic twin-screw compressor services here in Wheeling is a path to dramatic business operations cost savings versus the option of purchasing new. We are about to tell you why.

There’s a big difference between rebuilt or reconditioned compressor services (which other companies deliver) our remanufacturing process. Rebuilt compressors most often consist of used components from other similar compressors, resulting in possible uneven wear and ultimately premature failure. Our remanufacturing process involves a complete tear down of every one of your compressors and a complete replacement of rebuilt compressors with factory-approved replacement parts.

To fully understand the difference between what other compressor maintenance companies do and what we do here at Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products, you need only give us a call. There simply is no comparison to end-product quality, reliability, and longevity of compressor, large and small, when they are fully and professionally remanufactured.

Before heavily investing in compressor services, learn your options and how to get the best value for your business operations maintenance dollar. Contact Chicago Compressor & Specialty Products.